2 Year Blogaversary

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2 years! Wow. I remember that summer I decided to start blogging, (you can see my first post here) it was a whirlwind. From having to decide what platform to use, how to use the platform when I finally chose it, and just starting the blog up in general it was definitely a lot of hard work but nothing that I wouldn't do over again! This blog has been such a great platform for me to express myself and I am so grateful for all the support I continuously  get and all the people I have gotten a chance to work with. To celebrate this 2 year mark, I'm going to answer some FAQs that I always get asked since I've started blogging. Hope this satisfies those curious minds! ba1

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging originally as an extension to my Instagram, I've been posting OOTD's on IG since my sophomore year (if you've been following me since then you, whoa you are a real one. Who remembers the mirror pic ootds?!) in high school and by the time I graduated, I was working with so many different brands  I decided it was time to combine two things I really love (writing and fashion) and really give some content to my posts rather than limiting it to the short Instagram captions. I had been wanting to start blogging so that I could really express myself, share my style in a more in depth way and inspire others by the things I loved and therefore, Vogue in Vegas was born! ba4 ba9Is blogging hard? Blogging is self is not hard, in a sense. Anyone can start blogging as making your own site is definitely doable. However, I will say that it definitely is A LOT of hard work. While the end product (the blog post) may look like it's pretty easy to do, the process of creating that post is easier said than done. Each post must be pre-planned, photos have to be taken and before the photos are taken you have to plan the outfit, plan a photoshoot schedule, go out and take the pictures and the list goes on. You also have to work on branding yourself and constantly find ways to improve your blog and that is some hard work in itself! So kudos to all my blogger friends, I know how hard you all work! ba2 Do you get paid to advertise clothes? Ahhh, one of my most commonly asked questions. This works in many different ways, there are unpaid sponsored posts, paid sponsored posts, and ads. Most of my experience has been receiving clothes or other products as a courtesy from a company/boutique and reviewing them. In exchange for giving my opinion on the product I usually get to keep the product. Sometimes I get paid to review a product and give my opinion. However, while these opportunities have been an amazing way to work with different companies, the opinions are always my own and I never get paid to give an opinion that is not my own! ba12

What are your favorite blogs and who is your fashion inspiration? I have so many favorite blogs and it is so hard to narrow it down to one because I like getting fashion inspiration from many different sources so it's always fresh and something new. Before I go to bed every night, I like to scroll through Pinterest and look for Fashion inspiration. Sometimes I just look for inspiration based on season and sometimes I like to narrow it down to a specific article of clothing I have so for example I have a denim A-line skirt, I would search up "denim A-line skirt outfits". My biggest fashion inspiration would be Jenn Im from clothesencounters on YouTube. I just love everything about her style and how she effortlessly pulls together and rocks so many different looks. I also like Cupcakes and Cashmere when I'm feeling a little preppier and World of Wanderlust for all my travel inspiration! ba8

What are your plans for your blog? This is one of my favorite questions to answer mostly because I have so many plans in store for this blog! Without giving too much away, some major plans I have include transitioning this blog into more of a Lifestyle type blog. No, this does not mean I will stop my fashion posts, in fact I already have a lot more fashion posts planned out, I just wanted to do more than just fashion! So I will start posting more travel related posts and doing a lot more writing! I'm also in the process of reconstructing my blog and I'm so excited to show you guys the end product! So stay tuned!

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Who takes your pictures? Well , well if it isn't everyone's favorite question! I think I've been asked this question for years now, haha. Do I just have someone follow me around everywhere? Do I hire a personal photographer? While it would be nice to have someone follow me around everywhere or have my own personal photographer, that is not the case for me. I wish. Most of my pictures are taken by my little sister (here). Whether she particularly loves following me around for hours on end is debatable, but I pay her in food and who doesn't love food? She's been taking my pictures for years now dating back to when I first started posting outfits on Instagram and she was only 7 years old! Now that's a talented little girl! ba3Till next time, 33707473534400090715