Breaking the Rules: Leather x Leather

lnl2lnl1lnl11lnl10lnl9lnl12lnl8lnl7lnl5lnl4lnl6lnl3Jacket: Forever 21 (exact here) | Top: Bloomingdale's (similar here) | Pants: Macy's (similar here)|Booties: Cotton On (similar here)

Photo Credits: AG Santos Photography With the Fall and Winter season in tow, it is time to break out one of my favorite staples: Leather. Each year, I get super excited to start piecing together all my leather looks. There is just something about the leather trend that will always have me looking forward to it each year. This year, I decided to try something I normally never do: Leather on Leather. 

Leather on leather has always been a major NO-NO in my book. The lines between looking insanely chic to a Trinity wannabe (cue The Matrix) can so easily be crossed. Hence, why I have always just stayed away from it. This year though? I'm breaking the rules, my rules.

Fashion is all about challenging the rules and MAKING it work. For this look I even broke some more rules by pairing it with a burgundy leather pant! Talk about Rebel here. The knit top gives the look a break from all the leather without taking away too much attention from the statement. What fashion rules are you breaking this season? Let me know down below in the comments!

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