SLS Las Vegas: A Tribute Portfolio Resort


But don't you live in Las Vegas?










2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

I remember when I first moved to Las Vegas, my friends from back home would always ask me if I stayed at hotels on the Strip often. When I would travel to other states and especially different countries and mention that I am from Las Vegas, you would be surprised as to the amount of times I get asked if I stay in one of the hotels. Truth is? I've stayed at a Grand Total of (1) hotel in my nearly 9 years of living in this city. If you ask locals, most of them will also tell you a somewhat similar answer. Hence the question I was asked, "But don't you live in Las Vegas?"

Now, I have stayed in many other hotels in other cities before, but the thing one must understand about a Las Vegas hotel is that it is not just merely a hotel. People come from all over the world, every single year for the experience of a Las Vegas hotel. From the grand entrances and intricate decor to the bright flashing lights and incessant sounds of slot machines as the thousands of tourists gamble their life savings away in the background, the SLS was definitely the Las Vegas experience (see for yourself in the slideshow below). Aside from the obvious casino theme, the SLS seemed to focus a lot on grandeur for their decor. There were definitely a lot of chandelier installments all throughout the hotel, which I absolutely loved! I also found it interesting that the "High Limit" area had a Chinese decor theme. Good luck, I guess?

Hotel Room 

The hotel room was probably one of my favorite parts about my stay at the SLS. The room was a World Superior Double on the 26th floor in the World Tower (there are two Towers: World and Story--I hear the Story tour has a mirror on the ceiling above the bed). It was very stylish and elegant, a mix between a swanky dressing room and a posh boutique (cue floor length vanity mirrors). It had everything from two oversized floor length vanity mirrors, a spacious work desk, and fully stocked snack and mini bar.


Last but certainly not the least, the food. Did you really think I could write a post about a hotel and not include anything about food? Yep, saved the best for last. 

One of my favorite things about living in Las Vegas is the gastronomical experience (in less than fancy terms? GOOD FOOD), so you can bet that the first thing I checked out after settling down into my hotel room were the food options available at the hotel and boy were there a lot to choose from! With their award-winning collection of restaurants from--upscale to casual dining--there was definitely a restaurant suited for every occasion. Here are the restaurants available at the SLS:

  • Katsuya (Japanese Food/Sushi)
  • The Perq (Cafe style--pastries, panini's, gelato, coffee, etc)
  • Umami Burger (Quality burgers featuring an outdoor Beer Garden and Sports Book)
  • 800 Degrees (Fresh Neapolitan pizzas)
  • Bazaar Meat by José Andrés (Award-winning Steakhouse--$$$$ on Yelp!)
  • Cleo (Mediterranean-inspired menu)
  • Northside Café & Chinese Kitchen (see below!)

In my case, I was looking for a more casual dining experience, so I ended up choosing Northside Cafe and Chinese Kitchen. Northside Cafe was very interesting. It had everything from traditional breakfast foods to three-course dinners and street tacos. In addition, it even had a "Chinese Kitchen" menu that featured Chinese dishes and a full Dim Sum menu! I've never really seen a place mix such a different variety of foods, so I was certainly surprised. But it's Vegas after all, right?



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