os5os4os3os2os1os6os7 If you have seen basically any fashion magazine or for that matter, anyone's Instagram, you know that the off the shoulder trend is the fashion trend of the year. Whether it is off the shoulder dresses, shirts, sweaters, you name it and you are guaranteed to find it in any clothing store. While being a blogger means always staying up to date with the latest trends, I do not think I have loved a trend as much as I love this trend since headbands (circa Gossip Girl era) were in. Here are 3 reasons why I love it so much!

You can dress it up or you can dress it down 

In this shoot I had with one of my closest friends RJ you can see that I chose to dress it down a bit and paired it with shorts while she went with a dressier skirt. That is the beauty of off the shoulder tops! I can pair it with a skirt, pants or shorts and it can change the look I am going for. Off the shoulder dresses have dressier and more casual options, the possibilities are really endless!

It effortlessly makes you look fashionable 

I do not know what it is exactly about off the shoulder trend that makes other people think you are suddenly the next Alexa Chung, but I swear each time I am sporting my off the shoulder top or dress I am bound to get compliments about my style! I know for a fact when I see other girls wear off the shoulder anything, I automatically think they must be pretty stylish!

You can wear it year round

The beauty of off the shoulder tops is the fact that you can wear it year round. In the summer it is more light and flowy tops and in the winter you can opt for an off the shoulder sweater (my favorites are the off the shoulder sweater dresses, so chic!). It is one of those styles that you do not necessarily need to retire once the season ends, and with a trend this cute, who would want to?

Til Next Time,