Twirling into Summer


One of the most common questions I get asked when I tell people I only travel with a small carry on is: How do you fit all your outfits for photos in THAT (referring to my very tiny--but very spacious suitcase). Well three things go into making that possible: 

  1. Investing in a spacious, but compact carry on suitcase

  2. Strategically packing outfits that do not take up too much room (more on that in a separate blog post)

  3. Pack as many dresses as possible that can fit in my suitcase and that can match the one or two shoes I am bringing.

For my trip to Peru, I decided to only bring 2 pairs of shoes. My hiking shoes that were an absolute necessity given the kinds of mountains I was climbing and my white (now not so white) converse. In theory, I should have probably brought a pair a sandals, but I knew I was going to Peru to hike mountains (meaning I packed accordingly). 

As a blogger, of course when I travel, I need to think about simultaneously creating content while enjoying my trip. The easiest way I do this while traveling light is planning outfits that match my converse.

My favorite go-to? A cute dress (most of the time floral or plain) and my converse! It looks cute and chic, yet very comfortable and perfect for traveling! 

What's your go to travel outfit that will fit in a small carry on?


Til' Next Time,