A Seduction of the Senses: Sublime Boudoir at the Alder Manor

  The yellow cab pulled up to an over-the-top Victorian mansion as the pitter patter of the rain continued incessantly. I put on my grey coat and sauntered into the soft rain as small pellets of  water fell on me and the remainder of the drops onto the scattered silver puddles that seemed to already be decorating the asphalt. 

It was as if the yellow cab took a journey through time, because the Alder Manor was an era away from the bright lights and the soaring buildings of New York City. 

Nestled in Yonkers, New York, the Alder Manor that evening seemed to be like a page out of a Jane Austen movie...from the outside that is. Once you enter through the doors of the estate, the over-the-top Victorian mansion presents an unconventional twist, an out-of-the-box experience like I have never seen before.

Greeted at the door with glasses of champagne and intriguing themed foods, my first impression within five minutes of being at the event was already a good one, I mean come on a glass of champagne and food? What more could a girl ask for? A lot more apparently...because this was just the beginning of the immersive experience Sublime Boudoir had in store for its guests.




Atmosphere and Decor 

Upon entry the first thing that caught my attention (other than the champagne), was the intricate and over the top decor. Before coming to the event, I had already been following (@sublimeboudoir) on Instagram to keep up with some sneak peeks of the event on May 13. But I don't think that quite prepared me for the finished product that I saw that evening. From art installations (I've included my favorite one down below), to lavish sets and elaborate floral designs, the over the top Victorian setting now also seemed like a scene right out of an art exhibition.

One of the things that I was looking forward to the most leading up to this event was the chance to be able to explore the halls of the Alder Manor. All I can say is that it definitely did not disappoint. The study was probably my favorite room in the mansion, other than the room with my favorite art installation. I had only ever seen manor's in movies or read about them in books, and the study was exactly as I envisioned...only more lavish and intricately decorated. What can I say? Those flowers lining the bookshelves definitely won me over. 

And if that was not enough already, each room was decorated to fit the Victorian theme of the evening with a symphonic orchestra playing in the background (see my Snapstory for the evening below!) and performers sashaying through the halls.






Ahh the food...this was the deal breaker (#foodieproblems?)

All jokes aside, the food at Sublime Boudoir was beyond anything I had expected. Before going to the event, I knew the food would be canapé style. That being said, I was expecting crackers, cold meats and cheeses...maybe some bruschetta if we're getting fancy. Boy was I wrong...blissfully wrong that is. Canapé style foods are essentially hors d'oeuvre's aka finger food. This was more like a feast.... I literally felt like one of those fancy A-listers at a swanky mansion party. Only this event was that and then some

All I can say is that If this is what "canapé style" food is, then I've been served "canapé style" food wrong my whole life. 




As if the location, setting, atmosphere/decor, and food was not enough to stimulate the senses, Sublime Boudoir had an additional component that was essentially the cherry on top of this already immersive and out of this world experience. Each performance was unique in its one way incorporating a burlesque component to it. This was my first time watching a burlesque show, and it was quite an interesting experience! The thing I loved the most about the performances was the bit of humor that was incorporated into it and the costumes...being a fashion blogger, the intricate detailing of each costume really caught my eye. To me, costumes can really set the tone for a performance and the costumes they wore definitely did the job...see for yourself! 





Overall Experience 

A week has passed since I attended this event, and I am still constantly re-watching my Snapstory to relive the one-of-kind journey of the senses this experience gave me. Sublime Boudoir is a traveling event that has toured Milan, Amsterdam, London and Las Vegas with entertainment by international performers including Miss Betsy Rose, Armitage Shanks, Lili La Scala and House of Noire.

 The incorporation of multiple art forms "redefines and challenges traditional ideals of the events industry." What I loved most about this event was that it made its audience part of the production, not overlooking a single detail and truly being a seduction for the senses.





Til Next Time,



A huge thank you to Sublime Boudoir for this one-of-a-kind experience. All opinions are my own.