Welcome to New York

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I was not really intending on writing a post on this plane ride, mostly because I stayed up all night trying to pack my life into two suitcases…once again (this is becoming a trend—I should just make it a yearly thing ha ha ha sorry mom). But, as I sit in my 27A window seat, staring dramatically out my window onto the sea of white clouds, I cannot help but feel incredibly overwhelmed with a mix of emotions…the little that I do have ha. It is a little hard to explain, but I’ll attempt to do so:

“It is a strange feeling watching your dreams unfold right before your eyes. It is not a constant state of excitement like one would think because there is so much work involved in between. But rather, it is a subtle, silent wonder of “woah, how is this all happening? Am I in a dream?” to brief moments of exhilaration where my heart just pops out of my chest”

I think that about sums it up.

Before I even considered a summer in NYC, I already knew how challenging scoring an internship would be. Cue my friend Simone having to skip out on a Santorini sunset during our Spring Break because she had a Skype Interview for her internship. But I did it anyways, because why not, right? It’s scary to put yourself out there and to accept the fact that sometimes you will probably fail. But if there is anything that this whole process taught me, it is that trying and failing is better than not trying at all. You never know where you’ll end up!


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At the end of the day, I feel proud of myself because I am doing something I have dreamt of doing for so long, something that I did not even think would be possible for at least another five years.

P.S. 15-year-old Gossip Girl obsessed me would be pretty darn proud too.  

I cannot wait for the adventure that lies ahead; I already know you’re going to be one hell of a ride NYC.


Til' Next Time,