7 Things I'm Excited for in 2018

Coming into the New Year, I knew I wanted to make resolutions of things I wanted to either change, start doing or improve on this year. After actually formulating a list and starting to write about it, I decided that I don’t want to call them resolutions anymore.


My logic behind it was that I didn’t want to chain myself to just that. If there is anything that last year taught me, it is that we are always growing and always changing. So why hold myself to these “resolutions” I made at the beginning of the year all the way until the end? I know it is inevitable that what I want right now, at this moment will not be the same thing the I want in 6 months, let alone next week. This is why I’d rather label it as things I am excited for this year, whether it is something I want to change, start doing or improve on.

1. Taking this blog a lot more seriously
A lot of things (read: responsibilities) that I previously had last year have cleared up recently. That being said, I am so excited to start channeling that extra energy and time into something that makes me so incredibly happy. I have always wanted to pour more energy and attention into my blog, but when you’re balancing 123456789 things on your plate simultaneously it becomes a bit difficult to really give your all. So that is what I am most excited for this year: giving my all to this blog.

2. Actually having an editorial calendar/blogging schedule
Following that first thing I am excited for, I’ve never really taken this blog that seriously since it was always just a hobby. Even though it’s not my full time job, this year, I definitely want to be a lot more organized. I think this will really help me in pouring my all into this blog. Yesterday, I sat down and started drafting a schedule for my blog. I plan to finalize it this weekend and really try my best to stick to it. I’ve always kind of done things on the fly for this blog so I’m excited to give myself more structure. Type A, OCD me is so happy.


3. Get back into reading
My first love was books. Everything and anything I could get my hands on to read. I loved reading the words on a page that came to life in my imagination. It undoubtedly is the reason why I was able to write so well or even love writing in the first place. I was exposed to so many different writing styles and different stories and it allowed me to travel the world through the pages of my book before I even began filling my passport with stamps. I started reading a little bit every day since the new year started, I hope to keep up with it.

4. Start writing again
I guess this goes hand in hand with the last thing. The biggest reason why I started this blog is because I genuinely enjoyed writing and didn’t feel like I was able to convey my own voice enough on just Instagram. This year I want to explore more creative writing on this blog. Outside of that, I want to start writing short stories for fun again or just writing in general. I hope to really get back into conveying my own unique voice whether it is on this platform or just in my personal life.

5. Learning a new language
I spent the last two years really trying to learn and perfect my Spanish. From moving to and living in Madrid, to working as an interpreter at a local clinic and adding on a Spanish degree to my path of study. Anything to improve my newfound love: the Spanish language. While I can’t say I’m at the level where I am as fluent as a local would be, I am definitely confident in my language skill. So now that I feel confident with that, I want to learn a new language—French. I’ve always had an affinity for languages so this excites me so much to embark on this journey to fill my mind with a whole new different world.

6. Travel to new places
Traveling inevitably becomes something I am excited for every year. I made it a goal when I moved back to the U.S. to continue traveling as much as I did and to make traveling a lifestyle. I plan to continue fulfilling that goal this year. This traveling lifestyle has become such a big part of who I am, so I am excited to see how much more I incorporate it into my life this year. 


7. Just DO IT

This one is a little more vague thing I am excited for, but this year I want to practice this mentality of just going for it. Anything, everything. I do not want to wait anymore or save something for later. This year, I want to go and do everything that I have always wanted to do and dive in headfirst.

Thank goodness for this  Rootie the Rootlifter  for keeping my hair photoshoot ready and full of volume!

Thank goodness for this Rootie the Rootlifter for keeping my hair photoshoot ready and full of volume!

I'm sure this list will change/evolve over the course of the year, but for now this is what I am most excited for! What things are you excited for this year?

Till Next Time,