#SafeisSmart in NYC with Sabre Safety


If you have not caught on from all my Instagram captions and my million and one I adore New York City instagram stories, I love living New York! Maybe I’m still in the honeymoon phase? Although it has been more than 3 months, so maybe I just really love this city? I mean I did spend years dreaming of living here!

One of my favorite things about New York is how I am always on the go here. Whether it is from a long day running around from school to work to events or a night out, I like to keep busy. Sometimes all this keeping busy means having to stay out late and going home late. Safety is always so important to me so here are a couple things I do when I do have these late nights out:

  1. Sabre Safety Products

    My Sabre Safety products have honestly been a lifesaver. SABRE is the world’s #1, largest manufacturer of pepper sprays trusted by law enforcement and civilians. They manufacture a wide variety of pepper sprays and gels, personal alarms, stun guns and home security products designed with safety in mind. They sent me some pepper spray, a personal alarm and drink test strips. Since then, I have been bringing these with me everyday and it has definitely helped me feel safe and out of danger. SABRE’s mission is keeping you safe, so I’m so glad to work with a company that cares about my safety!

  2. Text my friends/family that I am going out

    This habit is actually something I have developed over the years and a habit I think everyone should take on. Before I go out, I always text one or two of my friends letting them know where I am going, as well as my mom. I also let them know what time I plan to head home so that if I don’t text them by that time, someone knows!

  3. Only going out/staying out with friends

    Every time I go for a night out I always make sure I am going out with friends and staying with them all night long—if I do stay out late. This is one of the best ways to stay safe in any city honestly, but most importantly New York City! This is especially true if you are going out to very lively and busy places. My go to neighborhood in this city is the East Village and it is where I love to go with all my friends!

  4. If it is really late, Lyft home instead of taking public transport

    This one of the easiest ways for me to make sure I’m safe. I try to take the subway as much as I can (I have an unlimited metro card) as Lyft rides/charges do add up, but when I am staying out late or heading home late this is something I do not compromise. Since I do have a short walk from my metro station to my apartment, having my Lyft drop me off right at my door is always the safer bet for me.


Well there you have it! What things do you do to keep you safe for a night out?

Til Next Time,