Big News...

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As an influencer, one of the hardest things to do is stay silent about big things happening in my life.  Sometimes, I like to to think of my life as always being on, since I am always sharing everything with you guys whether it is on Instagram, Stories or even here on the blog. 

So staying silent about this piece of big news has honestly been pretty hard for me to not share with you all. I will admit, my family and friends already know this (I really couldn't keep it to myself lol), but I figured today would be the perfect day to finally share the biggest piece of news I have.

As you all know, I graduated this past May and while that was one of happiest moments of my life, everything leading up to that was honestly nerve-wracking. Every month leading up to May from the beginning of this year was filled with questioning, uncertainty, and an ambiguous outlook on what would be next for me. Do I stay in Las Vegas where I have everything, my family, my friends, everything I know and am comfortable with or do I go elsewhere? Should I take the leap and start blogging full-time? What comes next? How in the world am I going to make this possible? And the list goes on. So, so many questions. 


I considered many places and many options. I even considered moving back to Madrid for a few years where I lived for a time in my life. Viva España! But I knew that wasn't in my cards. Not yet at least. And then I realized there was one thing I had always said I wanted to do. One place that has ALWAYS stood out from every other place. Maybe, that's what should be next?

I'm not going to lie, everything leading up to this point has been anything but easy. The long, long hours of stress and hard work that has gone into making what comes next a reality. The planning, the thought and the numerous periods of anxiety of where would I be? What happens next? What happens if this doesn't work out? to just pure excitement at the fact that I am actually making an effort to do what makes me happiest.

Which brings me to my news: After years and years of dreaming and wishing for this-- something that I did not even think would be a possibility while I was this young, I have finally decided that it is time to stop waiting for "One Day" and just go for it.

So I am going to chase my biggest dreams....

All the way to New York City.


Til' Next Time,