Riovea Illuminating Series Review


It is officially back to school for me today! I have spent the last 3 weeks traveling from NYC to Vegas to DC and then back to DC. While I love traveling as much as the air I breathe (okay a little dramatic--I know, it’s a part of who I am), I always hate how much it ruins my skin. From the dehydration of long flights, thrown off skin scare routine and not enough water--because who really pays attention to the water they drink while traveling?--I always end up breaking out with dull skin by the time I get back home. This time around, I had this Riovea Illuminating Series that arrived just before my trip, so I was able to take it along with me!

In a snapshot, The Riovea Illuminating Series is a gentle cleanser based on all-natural"TrioActive" formula, Riovea's Illuminating Cleanser is designed to take care of the beautiful face that Nature gave you. It not only gently cleans your skin, but tightens and brightens it, maintaining healthy skin with a natural glow and a texture that is silky soft.

Recommended for: dull skin, dark spots, fine lines; especially designed for sensitive and/or dry skin.

After 4 weeks of incorporating this into my skincare routine, here are my 

Pros and Cons about the Riovea Illuminating Series Review  


Pros of Riovea Illuminating Series 

Quick, easy to use 

This is probably one of my favorite parts about this series. There are 4 steps to the whole routine and it can easily be done in under 10 minutes! Now, I know there are skincare aficionados out there who have a full 12 step skincare routine, but I am most definitely not one of them--especially while traveling. I have such an appreciation for skincare regimens that can get the same job done in less time (time is precious!), so I was so grateful for this quick routine throughout my travels. 

Great for sensitive skin 

I have very sensitive skin, so I am always very careful about what I use on my skin. I typically stick to Asian beauty brands, so I was delighted to find out that this was a Japanese skin care brand as I know they typically work better for my sensitive skin. It is allergy tested and non-irritating. Also, instead of using bleaching chemicals such as hydroquinone, arbutin or kojic acid, Riovea's innovative "TrioActive" formula provides natural molecules that work synergistically to reveal a bright and radiant skin--making it a win win! 


Cons of Riovea Illuminating Series 

Not travel sized

I guess this one just really applied to me because I intended to take it with me on my trip. I typically just bring a carry on to avoid the hassle of waiting for a checked bag, but on these recent trips I had to check in my bag so that I can bring these along with me! Granted, I could have definitely transferred it to a smaller container, but I just got lazy. Would be great if it came in a travel size though! 

A little harder to wash off 

Because of the silky finish of the illuminating cleanser, I found that it took a little more to fully wash it off my face. I can be a bit impatient when I am getting ready, so there were times during my trip that I wish it could wash of quicker. But, I will say that is the price you have to pay for a product that thoroughly cleanses your skin of dead skin cells, excessive oil and dirt. 

Well there you have it, my pros and cons to the Riovea Illuminating Series! 

Til’ Next Time,