Shoot My Travel in Barranco

Hey loves! 

It's been a hot second since I have last posted a blog post, I know. A quick update (semi explanation as to why I have been gone): I recently graduated uni! So the last few months of the semester I spent making sure I was on track and set to graduate. Right after I graduated, I hopped on a one way flight to Peru (graduation gift from me to me--best gift giver, am I right or am I right?) and now I am currently in the Middle East--Israel. 

My travels have been an absolute whirlwind. 3 continents in about to days...crazy! I have been gone from the U.S. for almost a month now and while I miss the comforts of home, it is so refreshing and empowering to be in foreign waters. In places that are far, far out of my comfort zone doing things I never imagined myself doing.

One of the things I have missed the most though are my steady stream of photoshoots that I have while I am back home. It is a lot harder to have full on photoshoots while I am abroad because I am always on the go, so I was especially happy when the opportunity to work with Shoot My Travel came up. I was going to be in Lima right before I had to fly to the U.S. to catch my flight to Israel, so I scheduled my shoot for right when I arrived in Lima from Juliaca. It was definitely a whirlwind trying to get ready and get to my shoot in time because my flight was a bit delayed, but I made it and I am so happy because it was such a great way to end my trip to Peru. 

It was such an amazing overall experience! I scheduled a shoot in Lima with Karina and had a blast. She was such a sweetheart! Not only did I get a bunch of amazing professional photos during my trip, but my photographer also gave me a tour of the neighborhood we were in! The booking process was so simple and the best part is that the photos appear within 2 days or less.

Can't wait to use Shoot My Travel during my future trips! 

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