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s8Top: Forever 21 (exact here)| Skirt: Forever 21 (similar here)| Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot (exact here)| Shoes: Steve Madden (exact here)| Hat: Forever 21 (similar here)| Bag: Gift (similar here)| Lipstick: Too Faced Melted Collection "Strawberry" (exact here)

Black is such a timeless color. I guarantee you, anyone, anywhere in the world will agree with me on this one. That's why when I make a vow at the beginning of every summer to wear as little black as possible because black in 120 degree weather is totes not okay, I never pull through with it. Why? Simply because black makes any outfit instantly look good. So if you are like me and have to include black in your summer outfits here is an outfit and a couple tips!

1. Wear it in moderation. If it is a hot summer day but you still want to rock some black in your outfit, pair it with a non-black clothing piece. For me, I paired it with this white flowy and very breathable top with a little black detailing. This top is super loose and allows me to sport black without soaking in all the heat from the sun.

2. Do not wear solid black. Trust me when you're walking under the sun with no shade wearing solid black can almost have you feeling like you're walking in an oven. That's why when deciding on bottoms, I opted for this striped black and white high waisted maxi skirt instead of an all black maxi. Best decision ever!

3. Opt for breathable material. There is nothing worse than having a great outfit but feeling miserable in it because the material is too thick for the summer heat, not to mention its already black. If you want to wear black, choose a material that is thinner and made of more breathable fabric so it is not unbearable to wear. A slit or a little opening is a plus too, especially if you're wearing a long maxi skirt! 

4. Accessorize! If you're not brave enough to venture out in black clothing, try accessorizing with a black purse or black shoes! It's a nice way of still sporting black but in a minimal, less sun soaking way!

5. Choose summer oriented shoes. Okay girl, I know you love wearing black but you have to find a happy medium here. If you want to wear more black in your outfit, opt for more breathable shoes. The last thing you want to do is be wearing black combat boots with an all black outfit and dying in the heat. Try sandals or wedge, that way your outfit can feel a little more like summer! For outfits like this, my go to are my Steve Madden espadrille wedges. I swear I've had these shoes for so long, but I swear by them. They are probably most comfortable pair of wedges I own and I have been through a lot of wedges! If you ever come across them, don't pass up the opportunity to buy them!

What are some things you do, to keep cool while wearing black this summer? I'd love to know!

Till Next Time,