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s8Romper: Forever 21 (exact here)| Shoes: AmiClubwear (exact here)|Bag: Shop Lately (exact here)| Watch: Michael Kors (similar here)| Necklace: 21 HM Boutique (can be found here)

I don't know if it's listening to Carrie Underwood's entire 2005 album, scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing old friends reconnecting or just trying to altogether avoid studying at 4 in the morning that prompted such a wave of homesickness. I've lived in Las Vegas for almost 7 years. The first year was a constant battle between me trying to save enough money to buy a one way plane ticket to my little tropical paradise (but let's be real $2000+ is a lot of saving for a 13 year old) and trying to find a reason to love this desert. Granted, this is how I spent my first year living here, every year after that was fine. Even though I missed home it faded away after I realized that I could go to the mall every weekend or even take a trip to California every now and then. That is why the overwhelming feeling of homesickness was a bit surprising, but then I realized the reason why I do not feel like I miss home so much is because I carry a little bit of home everyday in some way. Whether it's wearing bright colors and florals to remind me of the beautiful flame trees that covered my little island or in the way I carry myself. No matter how long I've been gone or how far I am this little island will always have a special place in my heart.

That is also why it completely breaks my heart to hear of the Typhoon that has damaged this beautiful little paradise. Typhoon Soudelor is one of the strongest typhoons to have hit Saipan and has left it in a state of emergency. Please help this island in anyway youcan, anything counts. Donate Here

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