Florals in Windy City


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Photographer: Nehama Shots

This past June was my first time in Windy City (read: Chicago) and well I was expecting for it to be....windy. Not quite what I got, but I will say that I am pretty grateful that the weather was not windy and photo shoot permitting especially because I was wearing this dress. Also because just days before heading to Chicago, it was extremely windy in Vegas...which is pretty out of character for midsummer in that city.


Thoughts on Chicago? I actually loved the city a lot. I actually flew straight from New York City to Chi-town, so it was from one big city to another. The thing that I love most about Chicago from my week long stay there? Well other than the stunning skyline (Shocker, I know), the city itself. Coming from the hustling, bustling, chaotic craziness that is New York City (live for it, honestly), it was nice to get away to a city that was just as big and busy, but not as crazy and chaotic. Plus the people are way nicer AND they smile at you! Making moves here, Chicago. 

I love how it gives me everything I love about big cities, but also provides me with the relaxed nature that I can maybe sometimes love about the West Coast. Bottom-line: Not as crazy as NYC. 

Another thing I absolutely loved about Chicago (that reminds me a lot of NYC)? The FOOD and Happy Hour of course. I can appreciate any city that has a good happy hour. But any ways, back to the food. It is pretty evident now how much I love food...aesthetically pleasing food especially. And honestly, Chicago is everything I could have ever asked for and more. From "Rosé All Day" signs to beautiful cupcakes and happy hour on river banks, I swear that city is a living foodie photo shoot.


I know I say quite often that I wish I had more time in a city, but even after a week of being there, I know I'm already planning my trip back to Windy City.

The food and the KILLER skyline may have something to do with it.

Til' Next Time,