New Beginnings


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Photography by: Jorge Rios


When I was in high school, the start of every school year was always such an exciting time for me. I made a big deal out of it every year, seriously. While I do not meticulously plan my first week of school outfits or prepare my school bag anymore (I honestly do not even know my class schedule), I still hold onto the excitement each new semester brings. Why? Well to simply put it, a new semester symbolizes a new beginning, a chance to start fresh--a clean slate. 

I'm all for new beginnings and clean slates. In fact, I think it is really important to give yourself a chance to start over, to start fresh every now and then. For me, the beginning of the semester marks a time where I try to set new goals/expectations for myself. Whether it be for school, your personal life, work, or anything in general, setting a goal and establishing checkpoints of your progress is so important. Remember how I said I was a constant work in progress in my About page? Well, in order to progress you need to make sure you are actually checking on what progress you have made. Whether it is having an accountability partner, creating a checklist for yourself in your planner, or simply writing reminders to see where you are standing each month on your goals/expectations, checking in shows you that you have been doing little things to work towards your goals/expectations everyday. Plus who does not feel great seeing progress?!


Here is a peek at a few of the goals/expectations I have for myself this semester: 

  • Start reading for fun again (at least one book a month) 
  • Establish a posting schedule for this blog (3 days a week) 
  • NO MORE PROCRASTINATING on school work/studying (forreal this time!) 
  • Stay organized (plan out week on Sunday nights and create a Master Calendar of due dates for classes)--use those planners girl
  • Start writing again! 

I always like to start with a small and feasible number of goals so I am not overwhelmed or even start thinking that they are unattainable because of their immensity. You can always add a goal or modify it. Remember: These are yours and no one else's! 


Now tell me, what is one goal/expectation you have for yourself this semester?

Till Next Time,