SoHo Streets

Stop waiting for the perfect moment to chase your dreams and instead make the moments perfect while you chase them
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For as long as I could remember, SoHo Streets have always had this magical appeal to me. Maybe it is from the years of looking at models pose on these famous NYC streets or just the fact that SoHo just screams "FASHION." From its cobble stone streets to the one million and one stores that exist there, SoHo to me feels like my own personal runway. 

It is crazy to think that just this January I was beaming and over the moon excited at the thought of shooting in SoHo for the first time and now these SoHo streets have become my absolute #1 go to for shoots. 

I feel like a lot of places and things in NYC have overtime developed more meaning to me than they do for most people and SoHo is definitely one of them. When I was younger, I always admired my favorite Fashion Bloggers through photos (thank you social media) as they strutted down those cobblestone streets for their famous SoHo pictures. I can't believe that is a reality I get to live today in NYC--my favorite place in the world. Each time I get to shoot here, I am so grateful that I am able to do this in a place that I used to only dream about. Honestly, if there is anything that this past summer has taught me, it is the fact anything is truly possible. As I prepare to head into New York Fashion Week for the first time ever, I am more motivated than ever to continue chasing my dreams, to stop waiting for the perfect moment to chase them, but instead make the moments perfect while I do. 

Here's to chasing dreams. 

Jumpsuit: Kikay Collections | Shoes: Fergie Footwear | Bag: Just Fab Online | Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Photography: Raw Files


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