NYFW September 2017 Outfit Recap

While I loved attending the Runway Shows this year at NYFW, perhaps one of my favorite parts about attending NYFW were the outfits. If you have been to New York City or have watched any New York City centric movies/shows, you would already know that NYC streets are always teeming with well dressed people with probably the best outfits you have ever seen. I mean they don't call it the Fashion Capital of the world for nothing! So you can just imagine my excitement when I realized the fact that I would be in the city at a time when fashion was at its peak and literally on every corner that I turn. And boy was I in for a surprise! I think I might have even loved the street style fashion more than the actual runway shows, oops.

That being said, I knew I also had to plan out my outfits and bring my A-Game. Since this was my first Fashion Week, I did not realize that I should be preparing weeks, even months in advance, so I was a little behind in outfit planning. Needless to say, I still tried my best to choose some NYFW worthy outfits!

I will say though that NYFW has really motivated me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion. (I bought lots of fur and other styles that I do not normally go to during NYFW). My outfits for this season were not very out there (more like on the safe side), but I really wish I stepped out of my comfort zone more. Oh well! More reason to attend NYFW next season! 

Outfit #1

My first outfit is actually what I wore in my New York Fashion Week 2017 post. See the rest of the shots here

Photography by: Lalo Silva


Outfit #2


Out of all the outfits I wore for NYFW, I would say that this one would probably be my most "out there" one. Thanks to PRB PR I was able to wear this beautiful and very intricately detailed showroom two piece set from Scene 314! Got so many compliments from the design of the set, so I am glad I decided on it!

Shop this look here (Style #: Top-TP02 Bottom-SK02

Photography by: Rico Rodriguez


Outfit #3


A style I was really looking forward to wearing to NYFW was something embroidered. I never was really into the embroidered style before, but recently a lot of different brands have been coming up with some really great styles. So what better time to try out a new style than NYFW? I searched high and low for the perfect embroidered number and finally found the perfect one at Missy Empire. I opted for the black embroidered number instead of the white one, although I kind of wish I opted for white! I did not realize how many black outfits I had until I got to wearing my outfits everyday. I guess it is the New Yorker in me? haha

Shop this look: Iva Black Overlay Floral Embroidered Shift Dress  

Photography by: Rico Rodriguez


Outfit #4


This next number is a little break from all the black I had been wearing the previous days to the runway shows. I know, I know. Shame on me for wearing white after Labor Day....but honestly, I never liked that rule anyway. So here I am with this lace number and this pastel blue bow skirt. The asymmetrical shape of the skirt make i all the more très chic!

Shop this look: 



Photography by: Lalo Silva


Outfit #5


My last look was pretty simple, but elegant in nature. I think amidst the crazy outfits and looks, it was nice to wear a classic. This fitted A-line flare dress was the perfect choice! I added a belt into the mix to accentuate my waist (which by the way is a great trick to live by)!

Photography by: Lalo Silva

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Which is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below! 

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