Lookbook Series Launch


Photography by: Jonathan Wang

If you have not caught wind, this past summer, I lived in my favorite city in the world—New York CityWhile this meant hustling, bustling, chaotic craziness, it almost meant photoshoots galore…honestly more photoshoots than I probably have ever had in my life. But, hey I’m not complaining!


For a month I had 2-3 photo shoots a week, sometimes more depending on my deadlines/calendar. That being said, I have so many looks that while I’ve posted on Instagram, have never gotten to post on the blog because I simply have not had the time due to my over-committed life. However, despite my insane schedule this semester, it was one of my goals to stay consistent and try to post regularly on my blog this semester, and I want to do just that!


If you have been a long time follower of Vogue in Vegas, you know that I like to write a lot for my posts. I like to write about different topics rather than just sticking to fashion writing, but that kind of writing definitely takes a lot more time. This does not mean that I will stop writing those kinds of posts though! I just want to publish these photos so that they do not just end up in my repository of never been blogged photos. While the posts for this series will have less writing, you can definitely still expect more content from me in the coming weeks! 

So here it is, the first of my Lookbook Series! 

Dress: Old Navy | Heels: Just Fab | Bag: Coach | Bracelet: Rozaliya Jewelry


Til' Next Time,