What's in My Backpack?


I'll be the first to admit that I have never really been a fan of backpacks. That is probably because when I was younger, I always somehow managed to end up with a really bulky backpack or even one of those rolling princess backpacks that everyone at one point had (cue 90s babies?). Moral of the story: I just did not like how they looked and always resorted to a cute purse or messenger bag that looked good but never seemed to carry any of my things. When I started college, not having an actual backpack was not an option--especially because the UNLV campus was huge and there was no way I was going to walk back to my car every time I needed more of my things because they could not fit in my cute little purse.

I searched high and low for a good backpack and could never find one that was 1) good quality 2) would last (hey those textbooks add up)! Well that is until I came across my Elly High Sierra backpack. One of the things that I love the most about my Elly backpack is that it has such a large capacity and a multi-compartment design to fit all my books and school supplies. Plus it even has a padded sleeve so I’m able to carry my Macbook air easily! The design of the bag is the style I usually go for, but this time around it is actually durable and will actually last me the whole year without breaking like my other bags have in the past. I chose the Cranberry & White backpack because I have been really loving this color lately, plus I think the white accent gives it the perfect break from the Cranberry color. And as if the everything from its adjustable drawstring closure to its side pockets wasn’t already enough reason to love this Elly backpack, it even comes with a matching zippered pencil pouch! My obsession with matching everything thanks you High Sierra.

Now for what is actually in my bag! I included some of my must have essentials (if I included all my books and class materials, it would bore you--haha science major problems).

  • Laptop (with my Lilly Pulitzer sleeve) - My laptop is my life. In an age of technology, it is kind of difficult to not bring something like a laptop absolutely everywhere with you. Whether it is for school or for my blog, I need my laptop for everything!
  • Make up Bag - While I do not wear (read: know how) a lot of make up, I still like to have a nice little bag where I can put the make up that I do wear (mascara, BB Cream, and lipstick). This Lilly Pulitzer make up bag is the perfect size, plus it is collapsable!

  • Planners (yes I have two) - For those of you who do not know me, I truly do plan every single aspect of my life, every chance I get. I am very Type A and OCD about many things, and my planners help keep me sane. So these are an absolute must in my backpack.

  • Planner Accessories - For as much as I use my planners, I definitely need something to make the planning process exciting. So in addition to my planners, I typically like to carry anything from stickers to washi tape and cute post it notes. When you are happy looking at it, you are more likely to utilize it on a daily basis--at least that’s true for me!

  • Wallet - I think this one is pretty self explanatory!  

  • Notebook - Aside from the notebooks I dedicate to a specific class, I like to carry around a spare notebook in case I have to take random notes or even just want to write. Nothing is sharper than a pen(cil) and paper!

  • Charger - I am on my phone A LOT. I have social media to blame for that haha. Being a blogger and still and school it is necessary for me to have my charger because I know for a fact that my phone will die by 10 am.

  • Fifth & Ninth Beauty Bank - This beauty bank saves my life every time. Not only is it a mirror with a light ring, it is also doubles up as a mobile charger! Talk about double purpose!

  • Snacks! (a MUST--I get hangry) - By now, I am sure you are all aware how much I love food. It is a must for me to carry snacks in my backpack because half way from arriving to school and lunch or even after lunch and before dinner, I am always starving. Hangry me is not fun to be around, yikes.


Now tell me, what are your backpack must haves?

Till next time,


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