Back to School: Must Have College Essentials

The start of the semester is approaching really quick, for some of you it may have already even started--Happy Back to School! Is that even a thing? Anyways, one of my favorite parts about the start of a new semester is planning and preparing for it. This summer has been extremely busy for me as I have been living in NYC--so I have not had as much time as I usually do to prepare for my semester. Knowing it would drive me crazy to get back to Vegas and not have anything ready, I turned to this College Babbleboxx to handle that for me. Thanks to this College Babbleboxx, I now have a handy box with all my must haves to kick my semester off to a great start! 

So, whats in it?

Throw Blanket

Ahhh a good throw blanket. Maybe it is growing up on an island where the warmest it will get is 80 degrees or living in a desert where "cold winters" consist of barely there, non-existent melting icicles from the 1 inch of "snowfall" from the night before, but I get cold really easily. That may or may not explain my growing affinity for blankets, and I mean the really warm, soft and cozy ones--which is exactly what this Viv & Lou: Throw Blanket is. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find it in my College Babbleboxx and snuggle up with it for the first time. I fell asleep in seconds. It is definitely perfect for dorm life, plus it is available in two very colorful patterns to bring some life and color to your dorm! I do not know about you, but color is a must for me! But that is not even what I love most about this blanket. If you are like me and love to personalize your belongings--Viv & Lou can do that for you with a personalized monogram OR name for free when you place your order. I truly want you to experience the warmness and coziness of this blanket, so use the code VogueinVegas25 to get 25% off your next purchase (site wide) until September 30th, 2017. 

Where do I find it? Click here



The older I've gotten, the more important convenience has gotten from me. Hey when you are dashing from class to class and meeting to meeting, you will want convenience. That is why EZneeds is an absolute blessing for a busy person like me. I barely have time to sleep and eat, let alone make a trip out to the grocery store or an Office Depot each time I need something. With EZneeds I can arrange to have my everyday needs delivered in the comfort of my own bed--before I even start my day! Not only is this extremely convenient, but it also saves me time. Time that I could be using to be more productive. PLUS: they offer Fast Free 1-3 day shipping nationwide for ALL orders over $50 without any extra fees! I know services like this exist somewhere out there, but why I love EZneeds the most and why I would choose it over other services is the fact that I do not need to pay a membership or service fee, andddd I noticed that the store prices on name brand products are actually lower than store prices! 

Where do I find it? Click here  

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.47.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.47.46 AM.png

Casio Watch

For most of my life, I have never really been a watch person. I always have my phone on me anyways so I never really found the need for one, that is until my internship this summer. I tried to stay off my phone as much as possible so I made sure to get a watch for those times when I would need to know the time. What I really needed was a watch that was classic and timeless, something versatile that could go with all my outfits--especially my work clothes, but still look fashionable. That is exactly what this Casio Vintage Watch is. The classic gold interface of the watch was perfect for timekeeping and the vintage look of it definitely garnered a lot of compliments! I hate bulky watches, so I was especially happy that this one was the perfect size. Plus it was water resistant and had an alarm. I mean something's got to wake you up for those early mornings, am I right?

Where do I find it? Click here or go to your local Macy's


Luden’s Throat Drop

Being in a sorority, one of the cool things we get to do is play in Intramural Games each semester. Now while I am not exactly the star athlete of the team, I love being in the stands cheering my Sisters on. Sometimes, I may or may not cheer a little too much. Now, I am glad I have Luden's Throat Drop to helps with that. With Luden's Throat Drop, I am able to soothe my throat after screaming all throughout the game for my Sisters. I usually stay away from these kind of things because I have always thought that the flavors are terrible, but Ludens has changed the game. It comes in Ludens cherry and Ludens watermelon--flavors I am actually excited about! Personally, the watermelon is my favorite one. I want you to experience how helpful Ludens is so here is a coupon for you to save $1 off 2 bags of Ludens. 

Where do I find it? Click here 



Big AZ 

I do not know about you guys, but a full day of class and long hours of studying always has me starving at the most inconvenient times (read: when I do not have enough time to go home and cook myself some food). My weekly schedule is so packed, I either end up skipping eating altogether or end up being late because I had to sit down for lunch. That is why I was thrilled when I discovered BIGAZ sandwiches. These sandwiches are perfect for college students like me who are constantly on-the-go and do not have enough time to sit down for a meal. My favorite part? I can find it all across the country in a variety of convenience stores and it is always hot and ready for me to eat while I am en route to my next class, meeting or event--whatever it may be! There are so many options to choose from such as: Cheeseburger, Country Fried Chicken, Jalapeno Cheeseburger, Sriracha Chicken Sandwich, Rack-o-Ribs and/or Biscuit Stacker. I want you to be able to eat on-the-go and experience the convenience of BIGAZ sandwiches, so here is $1 off your next purchase. Enjoy! 

Where do I find it? Click here


Sour Punch Mini Bites

As I have said, I have a sweet tooth. Namely, one for sour flavored candy. There is just something about the mix of sour and sweet that makes candy so incredibly addicting and irresistible which is why I am so happy that this was included in my College Babbleboxx. Now that I am taking my Upper Division seminar classes, the class times have gone from lasting only an hour to over 3 hours on end. I do not know about you, but that is a long time. So I always make sure I have something to snack on so I am not starving during class. My only problem? When my classmates ask for some of what I am eating, it is hard to share something that is intended for only one person. That is why I am so happy that Sour Punch Candy now comes in shareable, bite size pieces so I no longer have to feel rude for not sharing my snacks with my classmates. 

Where do I find it? Click here


Good Book

There are only two things I may arguably love more than fashion: traveling and a good book. Before I even began to start loving fashion, my nose was already always buried in books. Fun Fact: I used to go through 20 books a week in the 2nd grade--hey there's only so much you can do on a small island. That being said, I am very picky about the books I read and am firm believer in not finishing bad books. I've seen The Princess Saves Herself in this One all over social media or on those Instagram poetry accounts and have always wanted to read it. I am so glad this was in my College Babbleboxx because it is the perfect collection of poetry pieces about resilience--something very important and relatable to a college student. I thought this was an especially good idea to include for college students because of the overall theme of the book about writing your own ending. 

Where do I find it? Click here 



If you have not already caught on from the one million and one times I have said this: I am obsessed with planners. With a busy schedule and a thousand things to do on a day to day basis, I honestly do not know what I would do or how I would manage to stay sane without one. That being said, when I found out that this Posh: Happy Living Monthly/Weekly Planner came inside  my College Babbleboxx, I was thrilled. I typically order a Lilly Pulitzer planner every year and have been doing so for the last 3 years (what can I say, I'm attached), but I may be foregoing that this year because of this 2017-2018 planner. Every week I always write a quote on the top right hand side of my planner page to inspire and motivate me to get through the week, but this planner already handles that for me being filled with upbeat quotes on every page. Aside from the must-have features of any good planner, I love this one specifically because it has a customizable habit tracker for each month--which I plan on utilizing to become more organized and track my to-do lists, gym habits and basically any task that I want to make a habit out of doing. 

Where do I find it? Click here


Now tell me, what are your must have college essentials?

Till Next Time, 


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