NYFW Series: Gianluca Mech Italiano Diet


With this being my first #NYFW, I was not quite as prepared as I should have been. I didn't realize that it was going to sneak up on me so quickly! That being said, after basically eating my way through New York City for the last month (let's be honest, it's definitely been more than a month), I did not feel fashion week ready at all--that is until PRB PR  introduced me to the Gianluca Mech Italiano Diet. Not only is it a long term successful weight loss program with a combination bi-phasic ketogenic diet and Mediterranean diet maintenance protocol, but it is also a proven-to work celebrity diet program as it is based on herbal family tradition. 

I knew I wanted to tone down a little before my first time at New York Fashion Week, so this was definitely the perfect addition to my NYFW prep routine. Another thing I really love about this program is the fact that Diet Program Duration can last anywhere from 20 days, up to a maximum of 42 days. So essentially, you can pick which program works to your needs! 

I never take part in diet programs or even bother giving them a try because I just do not like the idea of giving my body unnecessary toxins that claim to be "cleansing" and claim to help you "lose weight". Being in the medical field, I definitely know better and know where to spot those lies! So that is why when I say I swear by this program, you can trust that it is reliable and actually good for you! 

So, what makes this program different?


Well the Gianluca Mech Italiano Diet  utilizes a Decottopia diet method, which is a method of processing and transforming medicinal plants in a centuries-old liquid preparation without the use of alcohol, sugar and preservatives. No sugar. No Alcohol. No Preservatives. Does it even get better than that?

I have been personally trying the Stracciatella Flavored Drink and it really makes me feel like I am not even on a diet. For someone who loves dessert as much as I do, it is great to have one of most favorite gelato flavors as one of the drink flavors available! 

So how does it work? Here are the 3 Different Phases in the Tisanoreica Diet



In this phase cleansing and detox takes place in order to improve and facilitate the start of ketosis during the Intensive Phase.


The first phase of the Italiano Diet Program aims at the total elimination of simple and complex sugars and alcohol. In this phase usually 4 Italiano Diet Portion (I.D.P.) are consumed per day, together with vegetables, a second protein dish and taking Decottopia® products.


This is the second phase of the Italiano Diet Program and it aims at re-introducing low glycemic index carbohydrates (pasta, rice and unrefined cereals) into the diet. In this phase, which lasts as long as the Intensive Phase, the Italiano Diet Portion (I.D.P.) are reduced to 2 a day and the functional Decottopirics should be taken in this phase.


This can be either the third phase of the Italiano Diet Program for those who have been on the diet, or simply a lifestyle approach for keeping slim and in good health.

A great range of products is available for above purposes and can be found on their website.

I now feel so great going into my first New York Fashion Week knowing that I have been preparing with the first Italian Celebrity Diet Program!



Till Next Time,