The Ultimate Gossip Girl Guide to NYC: 14 Must Visit Locations

Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s Elite…

Well in this case, your one and only guide to some famed and favorite spots…ha

If you don’t already know or have not already caught on especially from my 7 Fashion Lessons Gossip Girl Taught Me post, I love Gossip Girl. In fact, I lived and breathed Gossip Girl all throughout high school so much that I created an instagram account with a name that is a tribute to Xoxo, Gossip Girl (yep, that’s how @xoxopaula was born)!

Without a doubt, Gossip Girl was the main reason why I wanted to one day visit and eventually live in New York when I was 14...funny how that worked out, am I right?

Aside from all the fashion lessons I lived to emulate from this famed TV show, I made it my mission to visit every place from the show that I possibly could. There’s just something about stepping into these places that make my 14 year old, Gossip Girl obsessed self feel like I just landed first dibs on this season’s newest Manolo’s--even though I could never afford it. It’s that Upper East Side rent, yikes!

Since I am all about shared gratification, I want to finally share this holy grail list with you!

14 Must Visit Gossip Girl Locations

Where she be Serena?

Where she be Serena?

Grand Central Terminal

89 E 42nd Street, New York City

The most iconic Gossip Girl location. If you didn’t know that or don’t get giddy over the thought of visiting the place where "Spotted" was first coined, can you even call yourself an obsessed fan?

The Campbell Apartment



15 Vanderbilt Ave, New York, NY 10017

Remember that steamy hot Nate and Serena scene in the Gossip Girl Pilot? I mean who doesn’t! Well, The Campbell bar is exactly where that takes place!

Lotte New York Palace Hotel (also called the New York Palace or simply The Palace)

Serena's infamous lair-- at Christmas time!

Serena's infamous lair--at Christmas time!

455 Madison Ave. (50th/51st Streets)

Ahh the Palace, home to the Van Der Woodsen’s or otherwise known as Serena’s lair.

If you really want to live the glory 2007 days--“GILT” the restaurant inside The Palace is known for the scene where Serena gets her grilled cheese sandwich or where Serena and Blair meet for drinks in the Pilot.

The  infamous  MET steps

The infamous MET steps

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The MET)

1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street

Are you even an obsessed fan if you don’t remember these infamous “MET steps” that Blair would meet her minions at each morning? I know I do.


Museum of the City of New York


1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St.

Remember Constance Billard School for Girls? The school that Blair and the rest of the girls on the Gossip Girl cast would go to--that is when they actually went to school...the front of this museum is the entrance to the school where all those heated conversations would take place.

You know what's sweet as candy?  Not Nate and Vanessa's   relationship--that's for sure.

You know what's sweet as candy? Not Nate and Vanessa's relationship--that's for sure.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

1011 3rd Ave

Other than being the largest candy store in the world (and home to over 5,000 types of candy!), this candy shop is where Dan and Vanessa shop for Nate’s anniversary present. Let’s drink to that at the bar that they have there!

Gramercy Tavern

42 E 20th St

Blair hardly plays favorites, but this Flatiron District gem definitely won Blair’s sometimes cold heart. Head over for some poaching, braising, wood-burning ovens – this restaurant does it all.

Dan's sweets were the only thing sweet that day  because Serena sure wasn' t (Babycakes NYC)

Dan's sweets were the only thing sweet that day because Serena sure wasn't (Babycakes NYC)

Babycakes NYC

248 Broome Street (Orchard & Ludlow)

Remember that scene where Dan bumps into Serena and ends up dropping his desserts on the sidewalk? Yep, this is exactly where it happens!




Humphrey Loft

The Humphrey Loft

The Humphrey Loft

455 Water Street, Apartment #6, Brooklyn  (Almost directly under the Manhattan Bridge)

The Humphrey Loft...need I say more? So much has happened here--not. Oh, Lonely Boy.

Henri Bendel (on 5th Ave)

712 Fifth Avenue. New York, NY

Is it really a Gossip Girl Guide without some sort of nod to fashion? This Henri Bendel on 5th is where Blair’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s worst nightmare took place!

Archibald Townhouse


4 E 74th Street, New York

If I’m going to give Lonely Boy’s little Brooklyn Loft an honorable mention, can I really forget the infamous Archibald Townhouse? Head over to 74th St. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll catch the catch (yes, I’m talking about Nate--I’ve always had a little flame for that one)


Empire Hotel

44 West 63rd Street

The lair and first big boy investment of The Chuck Bass himself. This Upper West Side gem even has a menu with Gossip Girl themed cocktails!

Having trouble saying I do, Blair?

Having trouble saying I do, Blair?

St. James Church

865 Madison Avenue

Remember Prince Louis? The one from France who made the Queen of the Upper East Side a real life princess? Yeah, no one remembers either--sorry Louis. But for those of you that do, this is where Blair and Louis’ wedding was.

Bethesda Terrace

Finally  saying  "I do"

Finally saying "I do"

Central Park (exact location here)

Oh Bethesda...Probably one of my favorite spots because this is where Blair and Chuck finally after years of playing way too many games--get married!

Bonus: Just outside/a few steps from here is the fountain where Blair and Serena take their BFF pics circa Season 1

Hope you love visiting these places as much as I did!

You know you love me,



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